About us


What started as an acoustic jam session after high school prom and few too many cold ones, followed up with years of countless projects both together and apart, finally ended with the formation of Bad Palomino in 2021. 

With a musical taste too heavy for country but not quite heavy enough to be metal, The Chicago based trio finds themselves comfortably labeled as "somewhere between Pantera and Garth." A strong influence of 90's and 2000's rock/metal, topped off with elements of southern rock, country, pop and hip-hop, Bad Palomino is true chameleon known for adapting a certain style for each album. Combining the element of surprise with the infatuation for the unknown, the band strives to contradict ever releasing "what's expected." 

"A few best buds, in a studio with some cold ones - letting millions of combinations of musical influences seep together," is what makes Bad Palomino the band they are and what keeps listeners wondering "What will they do next?"